International Shipping Company Service

Today I would like to recommend a new service to you that
will help you with your growing import export business. provides international shipping
company services for both businesss and residential
customers. They provide competitive rates, superior customer
service, and they have gone to the extreme in making the
entire process a breeze.

Not only do they offer container shipping, small box shipping,
and self service shipping, their international agents will
custom tailor their service to meet your specific needs.

Door to door shipping, door to port shipping, crating, or
customs clearing, they will do it all for you.

Their highly trained customer service staff are trained to
assist you in all your international shipping service requests.
Whether you need packing, wrapping, inventory, full service
or limited service, their expert staff will coordinate your
shipment door to door, provide custom crating and on site
rigging for your shipment.

PriceBreak!Shipping global agents are well seasoned and able
to ensure smooth customs clearance for your goods.

Visit their web site today for a free shipping quote that
will save you money and be sure to tell them how you heard
about their great International Shipping Company

New Import Business Resource

Here is a NEW resource that ties in with the
last post about starting your own importing

It is a FREE 26 page Ebook that includes
2007 workshops into one eBook. Just look for
the download banner with the "Workshop Collection
" displayed in it.

The workshop titles included in the ebook are...

* From Hobby to Home Business

* How to Compete in a Crowded Market

* What is the difference between Liquidation,
Closeouts, and Surplus

* Understanding the Basics to Importing
Physical Products to Sell

* Building Supplier Relationships is Very
Important Especially for the Holiday Season

You can download it for free here:

How To Start Importing

Each week hundreds, if not thousands, of people come to our
website with the question "How To Start Importing" on
their mind.

One of the biggest questions they fail to ask is "where or
how or to whom am I going to sell my imports?"

Some of these people will call and I will encourage them to
consider the "where will I sell my imports" before they
jump head first into the "sending money to some unknown
person or business half way around the world and if I am
lucky enough to get what I paid for, now what do I do with

The other problem many of the would-be importers have is
not having "any" basic business experience. So often my
suggestion is this - before starting to learn How to
start importing, you should try your hand at a very
simple business that will also help you build a market
or learn if your products have a market.

The simplest way to learn if you have what it takes to
start importing and run a business is to begin building
a market by selling products on eBay or from your own
web site.

Selling on eBay will give you experience into what
owning a business is all about. You learn how to market
your products, you learn how to deal with customers,
you learn about shipping methods, and you gain very
valuable marketing knowledge in the form of whether
or not the products you are considering importing
have a market.

Two major questions you must answer if you want to
run a profitable business, whether selling on eBay or
in your own Importing business are..

1. What can I sell?


2. Where (and from whom) do I get the products?

It does not matter if you are selling on eBay,
other online auctions or your own website -
finding products to sell and not getting ripped
off in the process is something you will always
have to do if you wish to be successful in your
business. Did you know that many companies
spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every
year sourcing products for their business?

The great news for you as a new business is that
you do not need to do that.

A global business that we have been associated
with almost from the day they started 7 years ago
will has taken the burden off of new entrepreneurs
by doing the heavy task of product sourcing for
you, which allows you to concentrate your efforts
on growing your business.

Here is a little background about this product
sourcing company, they are the top product sourcing
business in the world. Their database is the world's
largest database of genuine, verified, factory-direct,
suppliers of imported products, overstocks and
liquidations and drop shipping and wholesale suppliers.
EVERY supplier in their database has been personally
contacted, verified and pre-qualified so that BIG
burden is taken off of you.

In addition, they realize how tough it can be when you
are just getting started in your own business and they
also provide no cost educational presentations for eBay
Live, they are also the Official Product Sourcing
Editors for eBay Radio and they host Product Sourcing

In early 2007, they unveiled a new resource tool that
immediately gave new and established businesses the
ability to use the same import, drop ship and
wholesale suppliers that the big name retail stores,
eCommerce and eBay Powersellers use.

This new resource tool provides the following (and more):

* Instant access to millions of products and thousands
of import, liquidation, light bulk, drop ship
VERIFIED wholesale suppliers that you can begin to
use for sourcing products to sell in your new business
for a profit.

* A market research tool that is beyond anything that
is available elsewhere that provides you with
"Detailed" demand, pricing, keyword and competition
market research.

* 100% FREE online educations materials to help you
grow your business and customer service ready to
help you with your questions.

* A 100% money back guarantee.

You can go take a look at this incredible resource
now at:
(** be sure to watch the videos while you are there **)

Right now (mid November 2007), they are offering a
limited time $30 discount. Their discount will only
be available thru the end of November, so now is the
time to take advantage of their offer but even if you
read this after the discount is gone, this is still
worth every penny of the "ONE TIME" investment
in your business.

I can not recommend this service enough if you are
either considering starting an import business or
simply searching for legitimate and verified suppliers
of wholesale products for you to sell.

This is a resource that I own and if you are seriously
interested in learning how to start importing then you
really need to start by building a market and learning
the basics of doing business and this is the best
resource for you to gain access to "verified" sources
of imports, wholesale and drop ship products you can
sell and earn a nice profit.

If my recommendation isn't enough, go see what the
'Dean of eBay University' has to say about it:

There is a gentleman named Andy Jenkins who has done
over a million dollars in drop shipping items, here is
what he had this to say...

"There's a whole army of people behind this database.
It's the first place and usually the last place we
look. "

EBay University instructor Janelle Elms said...

"They're the only legitimate sourcing company
that I'll recommend to the eBay University

So if you are interested in learning how to start
importing, then you need to learn the basics of being
in business and learn what sells and what doesn't
before you begin importing large container loads of
products. So the bottom line is to learn the basics
and one of the best resources I personally own and
recommend is this powerful product sourcing and
marketing research tool.

And don't forget that during the last half of
November 2008, you can get $30 off the normal price:

I wish you success.

Ron Coble
Coble International Marketing Services

Import Export Business Question And Answer

It seems that in recent weeks and months, an increasing number
of people are looking into the import export business. Most likely
the fact the US dollar has dropped to historic lows against all other
world currencies is causing this increase in interest.

Here is an edited portion of an email request that reflects what
seems to be a common interest for those who are researching the
import export business:

Question: You have mentioned that for many items, NLR "No
License Required" is applicable on many shipments. My question
is, is a license required to be a trader of commodities such as
minerals or sugar/wheat or oils?

My "Edited" Answer: In regards to the import export
business, I am very blunt with people so please do not take
anything I say personally, but I think you are looking at the
wrong area for getting involved in import or export.

Selling in commodities is not something for beginners and if
you are serious about getting into this aspect of the business,
you should really try to partner with someone who is already
working in this field. Do so at a small salary in return for
their mentoring -- with that said, good luck on finding one.

The commodities markets are fairly sewn up with buyers
knowing who the sellers are and sellers knowing who the
buyers are. Because there is the sense of doing BIG
amounts or numbers, there is a misconception that one
can make a BIG hit $$ on their first deal. This opens
the door to many who are in the business of fraudulently
separating would be import export entrepreneurs from
their money.

Commodities are sold in large volumes but there are
very slim profit margins, so even if you were one of
the lucky few who ever succeeded at making a legitimate
deal, the profits would not be that great.

As I said earlier, the people in this particular business
usually know where every kernel of corn or wheat or
grain and drop of oil is located and that it is extremely
difficult to compete as a newcomer.

You apparently came upon the China trading program,
this is primarily for someone located in the USA and
involves contacting USA/Canadian manufacturers
about the founder's family connected Chinese
manufacturing capabilities.

The focus of our other import export business training
programs do not focus on commodities and basically
train a newcomer to this business that you are much
better working with small and mid-sized manufacturers.

Here is a our recommended resource for learning
how to start an import export business.

The only other resource that I recommend for a
beginner is a subscription to this Export Trade Leads

One thing to understand before you make a decision
to proceed. It is going to take 3-6 months (in most
instances) or sometimes longer before you begin
seeing any money once you have a deal that comes

One other factor that comes to mind after re-reading
your email - you are basically talking about working
as an export management company in the type of
goods and references to "licensing" etc..

Neither the publisher of the course we offer, nor I,
recommend you start out in this business by jumping
into that level of the business. Start out as an agent
or broker. You merely get paid for bringing the
buyer to the seller (after you have an agreement)
and getting paid a commission both now and for
any future sales made to the parties you bring
to the table.

Hope this has helped.


Ron Coble
Business To Business Portal

Import Export Business Reports You May Have Missed

Far from the capital of his home country Peru, a international
business man turns a low return commodity (plantain bananas)
into a high value export.

Locating a partner trained in management skills proved his
key to moving his export business up the value chain.

For the full story, click here:

Transforming any small or medium sized business into one
that becomes lead by their export business, is possible. How
do you change a small business mentality into one that embraces
international trade?

However possible, it requires both financial resources,
mentoring and confidence to turn a woman entrepreneur’s
small business into one that is lead by exporting.

For the full story, click here:


The U.S. International Trade Commission today announced its determinations in connection with its investigation Commercial Availability of Fabric and Yarns in AGOA Countries, Inv. No. AGOA-07-001. The determinations are the first that the Commission has made under amendments to the African Growth and Opportunity Act that the President signed into law in December 2006.

The Commission's determinations relate only to denim fabric and estimate the amount of regional African denim fabric that will be available during the 12-month period beginning October 1, 2007, for use in less developed beneficiary sub-Saharan African countries in the production of denim apparel receiving U.S. duty free treatment. The Commission reported its determinations to the President and the U.S. Trade Representative.

All six Commissioners found that the subject denim fabric will be available in commercial quantities during the upcoming 12-month period. Chairman Daniel R. Pearson, Vice Chairman Shara L. Aranoff, and Commissioners Deanna Tanner Okun, Charlotte R. Lane, and Irving A. Williamson found that the amount available will be 21,303,613 square meter equivalents (smes). Commissioner Dean A. Pinkert determined that the subject denim fabric will be available in commercial quantities within a range from 21,303,613 smes to 25,017,171 smes during the 12-month period.

The Commission's determinations are made in the context of a statutory provision that allows apparel made in less developed beneficiary sub-Saharan African countries from third country fabric to enter the United States duty free.

The statute requires the Commission to make a determination in response to a petition, and if the determination is affirmative, the Commission must make an additional determination in each subsequent year through 2012 as to the amount available in the next year. The statute also requires the Commission to determine, after each year for which it determines the fabric to be available, how much of the available fabric was actually used in apparel receiving U.S. duty-free treatment.

In the case of denim, no petition was filed. Instead, an investigation was initiated after Congress deemed denim fabric to be available in abundant supply in the amount of 30 million smes during October 1, 2006-September 30, 2007. The Commission's determinations here are with respect to availability and the amount available during the next year (the year that begins on October 1, 2007).

In coming months the Commission will be required to determine how much of the 30 million smes of denim deemed to be available during the 12- month period ended September 30, 2007, was used in the production of denim apparel receiving U.S. duty-free treatment. Any unused amounts will be added to the amount the Commission just determined will be available during the year beginning on October 1, 2007. The statute also sets forth circumstances when the President may or must remove duty free treatment if regional fabric is available in commercial quantities to make the apparel, but is not used for such production.

The Commission's public report, Commercial Availability of Fabric and Yarns in AGOA Countries (Inv. No. AGOA-07-001, USITC Publication 3950, September 2007) will contain the views of the Commission and information developed during the investigation.

The report will be available by September 30, 2007, and will be posted on the ITC web site

Copies can be obtained by calling 202-205-2000 or from the Office of the Secretary, 500 E Street SW, Washington, DC 20436. Requests may also be made by fax to 202-205-2104.

Export-Import Bank Seminar

The Export-Import Bank's Operation and Credit Administration
Divisions seminar on Wednesday October 17, 2007. The seminar
will cover both new and exciting details on how to work with
PEFCO to improve or increase your yield on Ex-Im Bank
guaranteed loans.

The one day course is specifically designed for credit officers,
loan officers, compliance officers and other finance officials who
wish to expand or improve their medium-term guarantee
program and help to make it more profitable.

Attend this seminar and you will learn about: - The Electronic
Compliance Program- The Exporter's Certificate and foreign
content procedures and policies- Disbursement procedures for
both long-term and medium loans and guarantees.

Some past seminar attendee comments about this seminar

“A strong seminar! Knowledgeable speakers, clear and
concise learning materials.”

“Excellent program, very practical and focused for our
lending needs.”

“Very thorough, well organized and applicable for our
clients' needs.”

The contact information for you to register is listed below.

If you are unable to attend this particular session, visit
their site for a complete list of seminars.

For more details of what you will hear from Ex-Im Bank's
trade specialists and from other government agency
representatives Click Here -->> Export-Import Seminars

Wednesday, October 17, 2007 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Eastern Time Zone

Export-Import Bank - Headquarters
811 Vermont Ave NW
Room 1143
Washington, DC 20571

Ron Coble
Coble International Business To Business Portal

Using Google In Your Import Export Business

I am by no means an expert on using Google, but I know for
a fact many people do not realize how many "advanced" search
techniques Google has that can be "very" beneficial to you
in your business and in performing your due diligence on
either an importer or an exporter you are considering doing
business with.

You probably use Google all the time to search the Internet,
but Google can also be used to search through the a website
for something or "someone" you are trying to find.

Using the following technique in the Google search box:
[search term] site:[website address]. Example: type in
Pennsylvania will return all the instances of
Pennsylvania on the NBC website - also, you are not limited
to one search term.

By setting off words by a comma like this -
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, actors - you can
search for multiple terms at the same time.

Don't be afraid to use the "Advanced Search" link that is
located to the right of the Search button in Google, it
can be one of your best friends when performing research on
the web.

Google is probably one of the best resources for both
exporters and importers to use when performing due diligence
on potential buyers and sellers they are considering doing
business with - use advanced search features like placing
a persons name withing quotation marks to narrow the number
of results you will find as opposed to just putting their
name or the name of their business in the search box without
the opening and closing quotation marks.

For instance, if you are searching for any references to a
potential importer or exporter named Ron Coble (just being
a bit facetious here) but a good example.

Put my name Ron Coble into the Google search box as is and
you should see about 327,000 results. Now put my name in with
quotation marks around it like this "Ron Coble" and see how
you have narrowed the search to only 938 results. Much easier
to go through and find what you are looking for than 327
thousand results.

Note: Not all the search results for Ron Coble are about me,
but you could narrow your search down even further by adding
in the word Dover (town where we live) like this:
"Dover" and "Ron Coble"

Be sure to use the 'and' just like I have indicated above
and you will see an even better and far less number of results
for you to review.

ou can use these advance search techniques to help you learn
more about a potential buyer or seller that you may be
corresponding with - remember that the more you know about who
you are dealing with, the better chance you have of not being
ripped off.

Ron Coble
Coble International Marketing Services And
Business To Business Portal

Little Known Marketing Resource For International Traders

Most people do not understand how powerful a marketing tool
eBay is for International trade. Not only is it a great
place to test market new products, in addition to the
vast amount of marketing information you can find there.

eBay is an excellent way to learn about operating a business
for yourself with the potential for making a lot of money
while you are learning the basics of what it takes to be
a successful business owner.

In regards to eBay, I have just learned about an exciting
opportunity that you need to act on right away. It involves
eBay, and requires a bit of work on your part, however, the
payoff for you could be very significant.

Let me explain...

Just a day ago I received a message from Derek Gehl of the
Internet Marketing Center, who had some really amazing news...

Derek told me that for the first time ever, he's convinced his
elite team of eBay PowerSellers to allow him to put their
proven success system on paper, so anyone will be able to use
it to achieve a life-changing income with eBay.

(This is the very same teaching system his eBay experts are
using to teach their own students how to build a successful
eBay businesses. Many students are already making $1,000
to $10,000 a month on eBay -- within just a few weeks)

Anyway, here's where the 'opportunity' comes in...

Because this is the first time Derek released this system
to the general public, he needs more people who can "testify"
how this system actually produces results.

If learning whether you have what it takes to be successful
in your own business, gain a real education on marketing and
on what sells and what doesn't and potentially make a lot of
money in your first year while gaining all this knowledge,
then you are invited to check out a "review copy" of his new
eBay profit system and give it a try.

And because he is so certain you are going to achieve a
great deal of success, money and business experience using
this system, he is willing to let you test-drive it risk
free for 30 days for only 99 cents.

Derek is counting on the fact that you will be up, running and
making big profits on eBay in the next month or so, and that
you will be more than happy to write him a nice "testimonial"
that he can put up on their webpage when he rolls out his
full launch of this system.

If not, no big deal, just send it back and it won't have cost
you anything, except the 99 cents, of course.

This system is beneficial to both new entrepreneurs as well as
already established businesses. As I stated in the beginning of
this post, there is a wealth of marketing information that can
be learned from eBay. You can choose to ignore it while your
competition uses it to forge ahead in sales.

And for those who are just getting started in business or just
considering getting started, selling on eBay is by far my most
recommended resource for you.

So if this sounds interesting, you can take part by going to:

All the best,
Ron Coble

Doing Business In China

For any business owner or CEO who has been considering
doing business in China, a new section of an international
trade web portal has opened to help you.

The lead page is titled "Doing Business In China" and
details some of the complexities of importing from China
and trying to do business there in general.

There are Nine (9) web pages that currently make up this
new Chinese business mini-web site, rather than listing
all nine here, you are better served by visiting each of
them from the "Doing Business In china" anchor page.

To give you a little hint the valuable information you
will find here, we have listed a few of the pages so you
may visit them direct, if you like:

Manufacturing In China - if you or your business has ever given
consideration to moving some (or all) of your production to
China, this page provides some vital details you need to know.

China Export Manufacturing

Wholesale Direct From China - but without the hassle of
importing from China yourself.

China Trade Shows - trade and sourcing shows for Chinese made
products are one of the best ways of locating new products to
import and this page details how to find the best China trade
and sourcing shows in the world.

There are 5 other web pages (with more to come), so be sure
to visit Doing Business In China and bookmark it as one of
your favorites so you may easily return because this new mini-
web site is expected to grow with more valuable Chinese
business and trading information.

Ronald Coble
Coble International B2B Marketing Services

USA Exporter News And Resources

If Selling to Africa is of Interest to you, then be sure to read:
“U.S. Exporters Urged to Aggressively Market to Sub-Saharan Africa."

Enhanced Africa Portal was recently updated, giving it a comprehensive work
over with a fresh look. Check it out at Ex-Im Bank Africa Portal.

To register for the free “Ex-Im Bank Africa Update” newsletter and other Ex-
Im Bank information, sign-up here:

Upcoming Ex-Im Bank Seminars These interactive workshops show how to
increase export sales, improve cash flow, minimize foreign-buyer default risks,
and break into new markets:

1. Trade Finance Solutions for Exporters and Lenders, Wash. DC ($99)

  • September 10-11
  • November 5-6

2. Learn How to Find International Buyers and Extend Credit - ($59)

  • August 30 - Nashville, TN
  • September 26 - Fort Collins, CO

The Export Yellow Pages can be an easy first step to establishing trade contacts,
developing trade relationships, and conducting international business. U.S. companies
are encouraged to register your business FREE at The Export Yellow Pages and
begin taking advantage of international export opportunities today! Visit

A quick-reference for exporters to help USA companies, especially small to
medium sized enterprises (SMEs), download the DOC's free Trade_Finance_Guide (pdf) .

Financing support for shipping, logistics and other companies involved in ocean freight
transportation can be found in Borrowers Transportation Freight Financing (pdf).

Enhanced Support for Small Businesses Selling Internationally Ex-Im Bank is focused
on helping small businesses and here are some new offerings:

1) Small Business Portal & Interactive CD. Designed to assist the non-financial
manager in finding the trade finance solution that addresses his or her business
challenges. Visit the SmBizPortal.Order the free CD by e-mailing

2) Small Business Help Button. Helps exporters know who to e-mail or call for
prompt answers and for counsel from local staff. Find it at the center of Ex-Im Bank's
home page at

3) Small Business Exporter Resource Guide. A one-page flyer with active links to
online government trade information available to exporters. To peruse, go to
Small Business Resources(pdf)

4) Small Business Specialists Directory (New!). A one-page directory with contact
names, phone numbers and areas of expertise. Go to Small Business Specialists.

5) Apply Fast and Easy with Ex-Im Online An interactive, online process allows
exporters, brokers and financial institutions to transact with Ex-Im Bank electronically.

Need a Trade Finance Consultant at No Cost? Ex-Im Bank has trade-finance
specialists in your region to assist with your particular export-finance challenges.
Simply complete the ExporterResponse Form.

General Ex-Im Bank Contact Information Web site:

New Internet Directory And Portal

Taking a little break today from the Import Export Business
theme by referring you to a fairly new web site that I
think you will find as interesting.

The main site page is an Internet Directory and Portal
to a wide variety of interests that even though your primary
interest in coming to this blog is import export, each of
you have a variety of other interests in life and many of
these are covered in this new directory.

As you will see when you visit, the main directory links
open into actual mini web sites of valuable information,
helpful articles, tips, and news on the subjects as they
are titled.

Although this Internet Directory And Portal is fairly new,
it already provides you with instant access to mini web
sites with thousands of pages of valuable and helpful
information, news and tips. You will also find there is
a resource library of hundreds of ebooks, software,
training guides on just about every subject you can imagine.

This new Internet Directory and Portal is one you will
definitely want to bookmark as it will be growing much larger
over the months and years to come.

2007 Exporting Business Strategy Report

The 2007 National Export Strategy (NES) is provided to Congress and is the United States Administration's Trade Promotion Agenda. The 2007 edition of the NES examines how the combination of advancing technologies and a declining of trade barriers has made exporting easier than ever before. American companies should begin looking at the global economy (if they are not already) not only as a source of competition but also as a huge sales opportunity as well.

The goals of year's National Export Strategy report are to help convince US companies that are not exporting to consider exporting, to raise awareness in the USA business community about the advantages of exporting, and to get US companies that are exporting to consider entering more overseas markets.

For your free copy of this new report, visit:

International Trade B2B News Updates

I am not sure why I never published this before, but if you
are sincerely interested in International Trade and global
b2b news updates, here is where you may find archives of
all the Global B2B updates we have published in the
last 15 months:

International Trade - Global B2B Update Archive

If you are involved in import export or any facet of
international trade, then you should find some value
in the archived issues of this ezine group publications.

If you have any questions about the international
trade, both importing or exporting, feel free to post
a comment here.

If you have a resource that you feel would be valuable
for our visitors to learn about, post a comment and if
our review agrees, we will publish it here for al to view.

Ron Coble
Coble International Trade And Global B2B Services

Import Export Business - Don't Put The Cart Before The Horse

Here in Central Pennsylvania where I live and operate our Import
Export Business and International marketing services, we have
Amish living nearby.

The Amish have a saying "don't put the cart before the horse".
Simply speaking, you ain't goin no where unless you know how
to hook the horse up to the cart correctly.

In the 19 years I have been operating this business, I have
probably spoken to hundreds and exchanged emails with
thousands of people who insist on putting their cart before
their horse when it comes to starting an import or export

They think that they can buy a $12.95 ebook off the net or find
enough free material that will give them "all" they need to know
to get started and make their fortune.

One of the first things I ask someone when they call is what type
of course or book they have read that makes them feel they are
able to start this business. 99 and 9/10th percent of the time
they have done nothing but read how wealthy they can become.

If you think $160.00 for a comprehensive course on how to
start an import business or $316.00 for a comprehensive course
on how to start an export business is too much, let me tell you
a little story about one of the recent "cart before the horse" tales.

The following story is true related to you so that you understand
that it can become very, very expensive for you if you do not
invest in the right educational materials for starting an import
export business.

A gentleman called asking if we could help him expedite the
process of getting his food products from Vietnam approved
by the FDA. He went on to tell me that he had imported
5 container loads of food products from Vietnam. However,
he had put his cart before his horse.

He did not have all of the approvals necessary from the FDA
and could not distribute the food. Now here is the KICKER my
gllobal trade friends, he reltated how his storage costs at the
dock had already exceeded the value of the food. Whoa. Did

Guess how wealthy he is going to be, no wait, guess how
much of a loss he is going to personally incur?

Let me ask you something? Did you ever wonder where all
these closeout stores and liquidation stores are able to get
much of their merchandise at sometimes a nickel or dime on
the dollar?

If you guessed wannabe importers who put their cart before
their horse, you get an A+. They were either too cheap OR too
arrogant to pay for a course to learn the processes of the
import export business and guess what, they are now going
to pay much more in the form of a "real life" learning experience.

You will either pay a little now for a comprehensive course on
importing and exporting, or you will pay a heck of a lot more
later in "real life" payments.

Either invest in YOUR FUTURE by getting the import or export
(or both) course appropriate to the business you are SERIOUS
or quit kidding yourself about starting an import export
business and move on to something else.

Putting his horse before his cart for 19 years now,

Ron Coble
Coble International Marketing Services

PS: Just a little point of personal interest, in May 1984, my
then 10 year old daughter, wife and I went on an adventure thru
Lancaster county (PA). We got to see the farm where the
movie Witness was being filmed, the courthouse where the
underground garage was used to film the scene where
Harrison Ford was shot

Best of all (especially for our daughter), we got to meet
Harrison Ford. He came out of the underground garage
where they were filming the scene in which is shot and went to
his trailer for make up and a break. When he came out he
gave our daughter his autograph.

We also got to see Danny Glover that day and a little known
(at the time) actress named Kelly McGillis was practicing a
dance routine for a broadway production she was starring in.
She did the dance routine just a few feet from where we were
sitting waiting for Harrison to come out, never realizing that
she was a big star in the making. Just a little personal note
from a beautiful day in May 1984 - one my now 30+ year
old daughter (and my wife and I) will never forget.

International Trade Spurs Global Economic Development

Most people may know that international trade affects their
daily lives, but many have a sense of unease. They do not
understand how international commerce can enhance everyone's
life or what action to take when it does not.

Only when the public comprehends the power of international trade,
for both themselves and for others, will support begin to move
towards a pro-trade agenda.

In daily conversations, people discuss worries about inequality
or unemployment, or about immigration or the brain drain, or
about environmental damage or regional conflicts. What most
people do not understand is how international trade can be part
of the solution these problems.

International trade can create new industries and jobs for poor
marginalized communities. Freedom to trade across borders helps
expand entrepreneurial opportunities with the drive and
innovation to succeed.

Where opportunities for development are few, international trade
weighs even greater in the struggle against poverty.
InternationalTrade gives poor localites the capacity to purchase
the services they need and want.

A good example is in India, where there was a fear that
telecommunication liberalization would bring a loss in services,
specifically in poor rural areas where there are few
big-spending customers (long-distance national callers and
international and commercial clients). To their surprise,
liberalization improved telecommunication access in rural areas
and helped lower rates drastically because of increased
competition. Improved services helped both education and
community development. Development of infrastructure by new
companies resulted in creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs
in new industries for business process outsourcing.

For the full story, visit:

Import Export Business Agent Value

The following question was sent to me over the weekend, I thought it was about time for an update to the blog and this would be a good question to answer here.

Here is the inquiry:

If your job is to find buyers for your sellers (or sellers for your buyers) and you ask for commission when you set up the connection, is it reasonable to expect commission on every shipment from the point forward? After all, the two businesses are now in contact and they don't need you anymore. Surely it'd be less of a hassle (and cheaper) to deal with each other directly.

My Answer:

The question touches on a common misconception and undervaluing of one's efforts in obtaining new business for a company.

The first part asks if it is reasonable to expect a commission on every shipment from the beginning point forward.

My immediate answer is yes, it is reasonable. Consider an insurance company agent. In most instances the agent brings new business to the insurance company in the form of a new customer and in the case of life insurance, auto insurance, homeowner's insurance and just about every form of insurance, the agent continues to receive a residual commission for many years into the future (often 10 or as long as the agent is active and the policy is active).

Often in the case of insurance, an agent does little in the way of future work to maintain that policy other than to contact the insured periodically (usually to try and sell them something else), but there is a small amount of servicing most do provide, but the large amount of service comes direct from the insuranc company.

The insurance company is very appreciative to their agents and understand who butters their bread or puts the food on the CEO's table. Without that agent bringing that new business to the table, no one eats.

Getting back to the import export business, if a manufacturer or supplier did not hear from an agent/broker with new business, they would not have that business. Thus, if an agent brings $10,000 in new business to the manufacturer each year or each month, that is $10K or $120K or more they "would not" have without the work of the import export business agent/broker.

Everyone is different when it comes to assigning the value of one's services. Some, expecially owners of small to medium size businesses recongnize the value of having new business brought to their table while larger corporations are less likely to see that long term value.

In reply to the last part of the questions about having the supplier deal directly with the buyer, the assumption is correct, the more direct, the better. The value of the import export agent/broker still resolves back to the conclusion that this direct business relationship would never have happened had it not been for the work of the agent/broker.

Affixing that value is often interesting. I personally have been offered 20% commission to perform as both agent/broker in bringing new business to a company and acting as a laison for that relationship.

I countered with 10% and the company handle the one on one relationship and the residuals are paid on all business, both new and future purchases. In another similar situation, we accepted 20%, have no follow up responsibility and receive 5% on all future sales for one year (hey, we all have to be negotiable).

Still another company sends us a check about every quarter for work that we performed in 1997. It is a family run business doing over $10 million a year but they understood (and still do) the value of the new business we brought to their table.

So the bottom line is, in my opinion, one of how much does a company value new (and ongoing) business?

If you are a finder, import export business agent/broker and you are developing new business, always shop around for the best deal for both you and your potential referrals to a supplier. Remember that without you and your efforts, the manufacturer/supplier will most likely never get the new business you are bringing to their table.

Ron Coble
Coble International Marketing Services

Interview with Professor Gardner on the Ethical Mind

The Harvard Business Review of March 2007 contains an interview worth reading with Harvard Graduate School Professor of Cognition and Education Howard Gardner.
Gardner became well known by his 1983 book Frames of Mind, in which he argued that people don't have one, but multiple intelligences: linguistic, logical-mathematical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence.

Likewise, Gardner now proposes to distinguish between Five Types of Cognitive Minds:
  1. The Disciplined Mind - What we gain through applying ourselves in a disciplined way in school.
  2. The Synthesizing Mind - Surveys a wide range of sources, decides what is important and is worth paying attention to.
  3. The Creating Mind - Looks for new ideas and practices, innovates, takes chances, dicovers.
  4. The Respectful Mind - The kind of open mind that tries to understand and form relationshipss with other human beings.
  5. The Ethical Mind - Broadens the respect for others (see 4) into something more abstract. Asks: "What kind of a person, worker, and citizen do I want to be?"

The Ethical Mind grows at home and in the surrounding community. Bad behavior of others can undermine it. Gardner mentions cheating MBA students as an example of this undermining, and thinks that it is more difficult for businesspeople to adhere to an ethical mind than it is for other professionals, because business is strictly not a profession, has no guild-structure, no professional model, no standards and no penalties for bad behavior. The only requirement is to make money and not run afoul of the law.

In order to stay on the right track, Gardner advises business leaders to:

  1. Believe doing so is essential for the good of the organization, especially during difficult times.
  2. Take the time to step back and reflect about the nature of their work.
  3. Undergo "positive periodic inoculations", being forced to rethink what you're doing.
  4. Use consultants, which should include a trusted advisor within the organization, the councel of someone completely outside the organization (an old friend), a genuine independent board.

See also the related website The Good Work Project, an "effort to identify individuals and institutions that exemplify good work—work that is excellent in quality, socially responsible, and meaningfulto its practitioners—and to determine how best to increase the incidence of good work in our society".

International Business Marketing - Targeting Your Market

Import Export Business question:

Lot of thanks for sending your weekly update news to me. I
would like to know one very important thing that is I am a
business man of Potato and mushrooms & its related products
since long time and I have done it very success but now I am
interested to export my product to overseas but the biggest
problem is I dont find any services or any website (as a
registered member or free member) only dealing with potato
related importer, I am also interested to registered to your
site but I am confused because I do not need all the importer
lists, I only need importer lists for my products & their
detailed information. So I need your advice what I can do
to make my exporting side.

Import Export Business Answer:

Thank you for your inquiry shown below.

I have been on the Internet almost 20 years now and spend 50-60
hours a week on it now. The reason I relate this to you is so
you understand that what I am about to tell you comes from
experience and not just off the cuff advice.

With that said, I have found that many people attempting to
use the Internet to help them find new business are often not
thinking in terms of how the other person would be searching
for their goods or products.

In your case for instance, you are focusing your search on
finding just sites or businesses that import or advertise
potatoes and/or mushrooms.

These items are your most focused interest because they are
what you sell, but you really have to focus on what the buyer,
importer or your intended customer might be looking for.

My opinion in regards to potatoes and mushrooms is that there
are "few" companies and few places that would advertise for
"just" those specific products. Some areas of the Internet
may be highly targeted but for these two specific items, I
do not believe that to be the case.

Your most likely success would be to focus on the broader
categories of people or businesses advertising for food
products, vegetables, etc..

Yes, this will require more qualifying on your part, but at
least it would provide you with some potential beyond that
which you are now finding.

Within the food and vegetables, you might also look for canned
food products (if indeed your products are canned). If they
are fresh, then just focus on the general categories of food
and vegetables.

In regards to where you may find services to assist you,
please visit the following web page where you will find
information on a trade directory with over 7,600 food importers
and beverage importers located in 152 countries:
Food and Beverage Importers

The above mentioned resource is the best I can suggest to you.

I hope this information will help you and your business.


Ron Coble
Coble International Marketing Services

Internet Fraud - Fraud Alert

The following is a post I submitted to the Led Digest
Marketing Email Discussion Group on my
personal experience dealing with well over $150,000 in
fraudulent orders in the last 5 1/2 years, most of which
were from international sales.

Their email digest list is one I strongly urge you to
subscribe to as it is one of the few that provides
valuable first hand information from the experiences of
real marketing professionals and the subscription is Free.

I debated all week about adding my 2 cents to the subject of
International sales because this post could easily evolve into
being being a book sized post.

But a large order from South Africa prompted me to jump in
with some comments and suggestions.

Our international trade marketing services business attracts
fraudulent orders like moths to a light on a summer night.

The primary reason for these orders has been the directories
we offer that contain the contact information for importers
around the world with about 12% of them having email addresses.

The fraudsters (as I like to call them) attempt to use one form
of fraud (credit card) when purchasing our directories which they
then use to email their infamous "Nigerian" scam emails (which
are no longer limited to Nigeria but still primarily centered from
countries on the African continent).

Our "fraud flood" actually started about 5 1/2 years ago and hit
the $150,000 mark sometime early last year when I stopped
keeping a tally because we were literally receiving 5 fraud orders
for every 1 legitimate order.

The order the sparked me to post this came from South Africa
(becoming a fast 2nd or 3rd to Nigeria). It was for two Mexico
Business directories with a total cost of $1,390.00.

The order upon initial review, looked fairly legit, spelling was good,
the first and last names were not reversed (an easy sign to spot
from new, not to educated fraudsters).

The email was a free email,that is a definite security flag but the
IP address on the order checked out for South Africa - things were
looking fairly positive.

Let me divert for a moment - in regards to the IP address capture.
I installed this little bit of script on our order forms in September
2006 and almost overnight it reduced our fraud order rate from
about 5 to 1 by about 90%. I 'guess' because their IP address shows
on the order form as they are filling it out and they cannot change it
that it scares some of them away?

By the way, is about the best and fasted IP checker
I have found on the Internet - just copy the IP from the order and visit and paste and hit enter - very fast and more details than
any other I have used yet.

The next check was the first 6 digits of the credit card with our
merchant services bank lookup. The 2nd BIG security flag is raised.
The bank is in Mumbai, India. I then request the customer submit
a faxed or scanned copy of the front and back of their credit card
via fax or scanned attachment to an email and the "TOP" portion of
a recent billing statement so we can verify the billing address he has
submitted (we emphasize the top portion because we don't need to
see their transactions - just their address).

This morning, I have a two page fax waiting for me. The first page
goes on to assure me that because he is currently on travel and does
not have a billing statement but assures me that he is the owner of
the card (we emphasize in our email requesting this data that it is
meant to protect legitimate credit card owners as it does us).

Now what was interesting about the copy of the credit card was that
it had the number, expiration and name imprinted on it but you could
not see any bank info, logo or other details? On the back side the
number in the signature area and the CVV number matched but the
card was not signed and again, none of the other info you normally
see on the back of a card was there, nothing??

The icing on the cake came when I got a call from this individual
shortly after reviewing the fax. He was asking how quickly he would
get his order, whether there was a download link where he could
get it rather than waiting for a CD to arrive. Very, very anxious.

Enough flags, I called the issuing bank in India and believe it or not
they helped me by advising me the card's billing address was in
India, not South Africa. I usually do not bother replying to these
fraudsters but I sent him an email telling him what I learned and
advised him that we would only accept payment via Western Union.

I am sure (based on a lot of experience) I will never hear from this
slug again since he has crawled back under the rock from where he
came and will be looking for his next fraud venture.

The main point for making this long post is to 'hopefully' pass along
some of the experiences we have had over the years and some of
the ideas and resources we use to help combat this growing problem.
It is also meant to alert those to the fact that you cannot be
complacent in what you use to evaluate the validity of an order because
as you can see from this post, they may very well have adapted or
have a means of imprinting cards?

If anyone has ever seen a credit card like I described here, I would be
very interested in hearing about it? My thoughts were that the actual
owner may have been on travel in South Africa and had a card copied
at a hotel or something and the copy was used with us? It is a new
one so any feedback would be appreciated.

Hope thir helps someone avoid getting burnt.

Ron Coble
Coble International Marketing Services

International Business Email Solutions

In the last post about using international business email
marketing, we addressed the mistakes that many (if not most)
people make when attempting to use email for marketing both
domestically or internationally.

In this post, we will address international business email
solutions to help you get the most from your email marketing

International Business Email Solution 1.

Format your email message to look as professional as possible.

One of the first things you can do is begin saving the emails
that you receive which impress you the most as appearing to
be from a professional.

Try to keep your email lines to 63 characters per line or less.
Below is a simple grid you can copy and paste into your email
to use as a guide (just be sure to take it out of the email
before you send it - yes, I have made that mistake):
123456789012345678901234567890123..out to 63 numbers.....

You may wish to cut it off at 60 characters, as some email
programs on the receiving end may cut off the line at 60 and
drop the last word(s) down to the next line.

If you speak a different language from that of your intended
email recipient - try to get a friend, library employee or
college student who speaks their language to review your email.

Times and business are changing, but English still stands out
as the language of choice for doing business worldwide, so if
you have a fairly good command of English and not the
recipient's native language, try converting your message to

International Business Email Solution 2.

Use a subject line that identifies your purpose for contacting
the recipient. Something simple like:

About Your Request for Wood Flooring Prices for Import

Once you have established communications with a potential
buyer/seller, put your name in the subject line, like this:
From Ron Coble - Coble International or

From Ron Coble - About Your Request for Quote.



Using all capital letters in email etiquette is equal to
SHOUTING at someone - this applies to both your subject
line and the body of your email.

And last but not least on this solution, do not use any
of the following in your subject line:



The are common words that many spam filters will place in
the junk email file because they are some of the most
commonly used words from spamming scamsters trying to
lure you into believing you will get a percentage of the
hundreds of millions of dollars that their dear deceased
father, brother, uncle or other relative just happened to
stash away while they were in some government job or
high paying position. And now they need you to help them
get the money out of the country. Oh yeah, and I have
a bridge in New York I want to sell you too.

International Business Email Solution 3.

Once you have your email formatted and looking as
professional and business like as possible. Take it
over to the following web site and use their FREE online
form to run a spam check on your email before you send it:

FREE Email Spam Checker

You will get a report back (in seconds, perhaps a few minutes
if volume is heavy) showing you how bad or good your email
is, from a spam-detector's programming. The report you
receive may be free but it is a full report that will include
the corrections that you should make, in order to keep your
email out of the junk folders.

It will NOT, of course, actually comment on WHAT (or
how good) you write, first, it is not quite that smart yet
and second, the actual content of your email is YOUR business.

International Business Email Solution 4.

Stop using a free email account to send your business email.

If you are serious about success in your international or
domestic business, you are going to have a thing called
"business expenses". One of those expenses (if you are really
serious about succeeding) needs to be a "REAL" email account.

If you have a yahoo, hotmail, gmail or other freebie email
account - keep it for testing purposes to send your spam
checked email to so you may see if it gets filtered out.

You may also continue to use your freebie email accounts to
see what you email looks like when it is received. Does it
show up unformatted from what you sent it? Do the end of
sentences cut off and break down to the next line?

Remember that your email is a reflection of you and MANY
business people have a very low opinion of emails received
with a yahoo or hotmail address on them!

If you are able to get your email through the perils of
email filters and into the intended recipient's mail box,
now you have to overcome the "EYEBALL" filter.

What exactly is the "EYEBALL" filter? It is the fraction
of a second opportunity your email gets when "busy"
recipient scans his or her email.

Now before your email even reaches the "EYEBALL" filter,
the recipient may have already added yahoo, hotmail,
gmail or other freebie emails to their email filtering
because they feel if someone is not willing to invest
$35 a year to have their own web site email address,
and that freebie email sender is really not
to serious about their business.

The business email solution for this problem can be
found in the form of getting your own web based email

Here is a link to a service where you can set up your
own web based Email account (and web site)

for just $35.00 a year:
Business Email Hosting Account

For just $35.00 a year you get a web based email
account that gives you UNLIMITED email accounts, your

own domain name and space for a web site that will make
your business stand out to the "EYEBALL" filter
as being much more trustworthy than a yahoo, hotmail
or other freebie email domain.

You can take your business email to a professional
level for just $35 a year by setting up your own
web based email domain and beginning to send and
receive your email from your own domain name.

International Business Email Solution 5.

Last, but certainly one of the most important business email
solutions is a two-fold solution.

This email solution incorporates not only a means to help you
get your company and products on display to the world but
prevents your email from still another spam trap that could
cause it to never be seen by the intended recipient.

You should NEVER send photographs or attached files to someone
"until" you obtain their permission to do so.

There are emails I receive from my friends and even my
daughter that I will delete without opening. Why?

Virus programs and trojan horse virus programs can be embedded
in the attachment and I have read they may even be embedded in
some images if you open them.

The business solution for this is to have your own web site.

Let me say right up front that a web site does not have to be
expensive. I am going to point you to a service that can host
your basic web site and provide you a free domain name for less
than $35.00 a year.

You DO NOT need to have programming skills to build a web site.
The service I am suggesting below (and many others) have their
own web site building program available within their hosting
for FREE. In many instances it is as easy as point and click.

You DO NOT need a lot of flashy moving images and stuff that
takes time to load for someone who might be on a dial up
connection which 46% of the world's populations still is.

You DO NEED (at a minimum) a simple, NO FRILLS web site

where you display your company's products and services,
provide contact information, prices (if your industry is too
competitive to display prices, then have a form they can request
a quote on), information about your business, etc..

Your simple, NO FRILLS web site becomes your storefront to
the WORLD. Your web site is available to any potential
customer, importer, client worldwide 24 hours a day, 7
days a week, 365 days a year.

Once you have your web site set up, you can send links to
your web site and specific pages for your email recipients
to visit by merely clicking a link.

By sending links in an email, you email has a MUCH BETTER
chance of getting through ALL the levels of filters that
might otherwise prevent it from ever being viewed by the
intended recipient.

With your own web site comes your OWN EMAIL ADDRESS with
YOUR OWN DOMAIN NAME in the from area of the email (in
fact this recommended service gives you the ability to
set up UNLIMITED email addresses
- YES, that is UNLIMITED).

All of those large attachments and photographs describing
and displaying your products may now be posted to your
web site for everyone worldwide to see (who want
to see them).

No longer will you be forcing some poor person who
has to pay by the minute phone charges to ask their ISP
to have your email deleted from the server level because
it is taking too much time to download. Yes, it happens
and I have done it when I was still on dial up.

Here is a direct link to the very highly regarded web
hosting company our research has discovered has such
great service packages - yes, it is the same link as
above - the same service has both Email hosting and
very low cost web site hosting packages:
Extremely Low Cost Business Email/Web Site Hosting

The bottom line on successful international marketing
involves the successful use of Email and having a web

Quite frankly, if you are not using Email properly,
your chances for success in this business are very
limited. And more importantly, if you do not bring
your business into the 21st century with a web site
that displays your company's products or services,
your competition will leave you in their dust.

You may research other email or web site hosting
services on your own and I say more power to you,
but at some point, stop researching and start taking

You can save yourself some valuable time by following
because there have been many hours put into it and
the above service is the best that we have found.

Invest $35.00 into you and your business by
getting a "real" email address and a web site for
your international business.

If you are not willing to invest a few dollars a year
in your business to project a more professional
image, then you are not serious about success
for your business in international trade and
should not expect anyone else to take you seriously.

This is the best advice that has been shared in this
blog yet that has the best potential for helping you and
your business achieve and maximize your success
in the Import Export business.

Hopefully you will act on it. Do it TODAY!

Ron Coble
Coble International Business Marketing Services