Doing Business In China

For any business owner or CEO who has been considering
doing business in China, a new section of an international
trade web portal has opened to help you.

The lead page is titled "Doing Business In China" and
details some of the complexities of importing from China
and trying to do business there in general.

There are Nine (9) web pages that currently make up this
new Chinese business mini-web site, rather than listing
all nine here, you are better served by visiting each of
them from the "Doing Business In china" anchor page.

To give you a little hint the valuable information you
will find here, we have listed a few of the pages so you
may visit them direct, if you like:

Manufacturing In China - if you or your business has ever given
consideration to moving some (or all) of your production to
China, this page provides some vital details you need to know.

China Export Manufacturing

Wholesale Direct From China - but without the hassle of
importing from China yourself.

China Trade Shows - trade and sourcing shows for Chinese made
products are one of the best ways of locating new products to
import and this page details how to find the best China trade
and sourcing shows in the world.

There are 5 other web pages (with more to come), so be sure
to visit Doing Business In China and bookmark it as one of
your favorites so you may easily return because this new mini-
web site is expected to grow with more valuable Chinese
business and trading information.

Ronald Coble
Coble International B2B Marketing Services