Using Google In Your Import Export Business

I am by no means an expert on using Google, but I know for
a fact many people do not realize how many "advanced" search
techniques Google has that can be "very" beneficial to you
in your business and in performing your due diligence on
either an importer or an exporter you are considering doing
business with.

You probably use Google all the time to search the Internet,
but Google can also be used to search through the a website
for something or "someone" you are trying to find.

Using the following technique in the Google search box:
[search term] site:[website address]. Example: type in
Pennsylvania will return all the instances of
Pennsylvania on the NBC website - also, you are not limited
to one search term.

By setting off words by a comma like this -
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, actors - you can
search for multiple terms at the same time.

Don't be afraid to use the "Advanced Search" link that is
located to the right of the Search button in Google, it
can be one of your best friends when performing research on
the web.

Google is probably one of the best resources for both
exporters and importers to use when performing due diligence
on potential buyers and sellers they are considering doing
business with - use advanced search features like placing
a persons name withing quotation marks to narrow the number
of results you will find as opposed to just putting their
name or the name of their business in the search box without
the opening and closing quotation marks.

For instance, if you are searching for any references to a
potential importer or exporter named Ron Coble (just being
a bit facetious here) but a good example.

Put my name Ron Coble into the Google search box as is and
you should see about 327,000 results. Now put my name in with
quotation marks around it like this "Ron Coble" and see how
you have narrowed the search to only 938 results. Much easier
to go through and find what you are looking for than 327
thousand results.

Note: Not all the search results for Ron Coble are about me,
but you could narrow your search down even further by adding
in the word Dover (town where we live) like this:
"Dover" and "Ron Coble"

Be sure to use the 'and' just like I have indicated above
and you will see an even better and far less number of results
for you to review.

ou can use these advance search techniques to help you learn
more about a potential buyer or seller that you may be
corresponding with - remember that the more you know about who
you are dealing with, the better chance you have of not being
ripped off.

Ron Coble
Coble International Marketing Services And
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