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Import Export Business question:

Lot of thanks for sending your weekly update news to me. I
would like to know one very important thing that is I am a
business man of Potato and mushrooms & its related products
since long time and I have done it very success but now I am
interested to export my product to overseas but the biggest
problem is I dont find any services or any website (as a
registered member or free member) only dealing with potato
related importer, I am also interested to registered to your
site but I am confused because I do not need all the importer
lists, I only need importer lists for my products & their
detailed information. So I need your advice what I can do
to make my exporting side.

Import Export Business Answer:

Thank you for your inquiry shown below.

I have been on the Internet almost 20 years now and spend 50-60
hours a week on it now. The reason I relate this to you is so
you understand that what I am about to tell you comes from
experience and not just off the cuff advice.

With that said, I have found that many people attempting to
use the Internet to help them find new business are often not
thinking in terms of how the other person would be searching
for their goods or products.

In your case for instance, you are focusing your search on
finding just sites or businesses that import or advertise
potatoes and/or mushrooms.

These items are your most focused interest because they are
what you sell, but you really have to focus on what the buyer,
importer or your intended customer might be looking for.

My opinion in regards to potatoes and mushrooms is that there
are "few" companies and few places that would advertise for
"just" those specific products. Some areas of the Internet
may be highly targeted but for these two specific items, I
do not believe that to be the case.

Your most likely success would be to focus on the broader
categories of people or businesses advertising for food
products, vegetables, etc..

Yes, this will require more qualifying on your part, but at
least it would provide you with some potential beyond that
which you are now finding.

Within the food and vegetables, you might also look for canned
food products (if indeed your products are canned). If they
are fresh, then just focus on the general categories of food
and vegetables.

In regards to where you may find services to assist you,
please visit the following web page where you will find
information on a trade directory with over 7,600 food importers
and beverage importers located in 152 countries:
Food and Beverage Importers

The above mentioned resource is the best I can suggest to you.

I hope this information will help you and your business.


Ron Coble
Coble International Marketing Services