International Trade Spurs Global Economic Development

Most people may know that international trade affects their
daily lives, but many have a sense of unease. They do not
understand how international commerce can enhance everyone's
life or what action to take when it does not.

Only when the public comprehends the power of international trade,
for both themselves and for others, will support begin to move
towards a pro-trade agenda.

In daily conversations, people discuss worries about inequality
or unemployment, or about immigration or the brain drain, or
about environmental damage or regional conflicts. What most
people do not understand is how international trade can be part
of the solution these problems.

International trade can create new industries and jobs for poor
marginalized communities. Freedom to trade across borders helps
expand entrepreneurial opportunities with the drive and
innovation to succeed.

Where opportunities for development are few, international trade
weighs even greater in the struggle against poverty.
InternationalTrade gives poor localites the capacity to purchase
the services they need and want.

A good example is in India, where there was a fear that
telecommunication liberalization would bring a loss in services,
specifically in poor rural areas where there are few
big-spending customers (long-distance national callers and
international and commercial clients). To their surprise,
liberalization improved telecommunication access in rural areas
and helped lower rates drastically because of increased
competition. Improved services helped both education and
community development. Development of infrastructure by new
companies resulted in creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs
in new industries for business process outsourcing.

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