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If you have been a visitor to this blog or a subscriber to
our Global B2B subscriber for any period of
time, you are know how I emphasize using the Internet to
promote your services and products to a worldwide audience
at very little cost.

It is also prudent in today's business world to diversify
into different areas for income generation and for the past
1 1/2 years I have contracted the services of an
English gentleman living in Estonia to build 80
mini-web sites for my wife to operate.

Suffice it to say, we would not have used his service to
build out 80 web sites if we did not find his work to be
anything less than outstanding.

This new Internet marketing package is near and
dear to my heart. I use the term near and dear because I
love watching videos to learn how to do new things rather
than just reading about them - call me visual oriented.

This new internet marketing service serves a dual purpose
for anyone intelligent enough to understand the value of
online marketing and an additional revenue stream that you
may create by being a member.

A large portion of the knowledge I have on building web pages
and web sites was developed from watching tiher online videos
or self-study videos on CD Rom. Granted, my web sites may not
be the most "designer" oriented but I never could seem to
overcome my deficit in artistic ability but I would say the
web sites I have built are somewhat successful since they
have helped me achieve 43,000 unique visitors to
our web site each month.

Andrew Wilson is the gentleman who has become
both a long distance friend and business associate and if you
have ever heard the term "over delivers", well all I can say
is that Andrew has more than "over delivered" with this new
Internet marketing video program.

I cannot adequately relate to you how valuable a package of
videos and an actual income revenue generation program Andrew
has established as well as he does, so I am recommending that
you go visit, read the entire web page and see for yourself
how many Internet marketing "how to" videos you will get
simply for trying his Internet marketing video training
membership for just one month and how low the subscription
rate is - unbelievable is all I can say.

You know, I personally think you would be crazy to quit after
one month, but if you would, you get to keep ALL the videos
you see listed on the web site which again, to me anyway,
is somewhat of an unbelievable deal, but that is the kind of
stand-up person Andrew is - literally you will get hundreds
of dollars worth of valuable Internet marketing HOW TO videos
just for trying a one month trial membership.

I personally began watching the videos, from the beginner
group and have taken notes on each one (even us old dogs can
learn new things). These videos will take you from the very
basics on to advanced techniques in a Step-by-Step manner
that makes it easy to learn, take notes, recall and apply.

Do yourself, your employer, your relative or your friends a
BIG favor and tell them about these Internet marketing
videos and give them the link below so they too can take
advantage of this outstanding training membership web site
at such a low cost that I think Andrew is crazy for offering,
but then Andrew is an incredible kind of guy.

Go take a look now, I promise you will not be disappointed:

Internet Marketing Videos


Fundamental social and technological changes are altering the functions of news media for audiences and advertisers and significantly altering the situations of specific forms of news media.

Most of us recognize that form and function are linked together, with the form of objects influenced by their use, economics, and technology (Something architects and designers have recognized for more than a century). Contemporary technology has broken the connection between the traditional forms and functions of news providers and made it possible to serve the functions of legacy news organizations and news distribution in many different forms. This development is undermining the consumer and financial bases of long-established news media.

Because they have been in place for so many decades, it is easy to forget that established news media developed their forms within specific economic and technological environments. The form of newspapers and radio and television newscasts developed when new technologies allowed creations of mass audiences, distributed news to them at specific times, and supported the delivery of low priced and free news because advertisers of general consumer products paid to reach those audiences.

Today, the underlying elements of that business model, which was highly successful in the twentieth century, are decaying. Mass audiences are disappearing, technology is providing new ways to reach audiences, individuals are becoming active, integral participants in the communication process, and advertising are seeking more effective ways to reach potential customers.

These changes are significantly altering the functions previously played by metropolitan daily newspapers and network and local radio and television newscasts as primary creators and distributors of news and information. The dominance they once had has been replaced by ubiquitous distribution technologies that provide a continually updated stream of news through cable channels, Internet portals and news sites, social networking sites, mobile devices, and news screens on buildings and in public transportation.

It should be no surprise, then, that the form of legacy news provision is no longer as successful as it was in the past. Those who own and work for legacy organizations see the changes as cataclysmic, but the shifting of functions to more forms is natural and provides significant benefits to those who want news and information.

We have seen this type of displacement before, even within our lifetime. Life magazine, for example, played significant roles in conveying news and features on social life from the 1930s to the 1970s, but lost its functions with the arrival of new technology and changes in social life. As the foremost visual presenter of photojournalism, the magazine once garnered 13.5 million circulation, but changing media preferences for audiovisual materials on television news and magazine shows stripped Life of its audience and advertising.

Many functions of network television news, which grew rich in the 1960s and 1970s, were displaced in the 1970s and 1980s by local television newscasts that provided more hours of news and more opportunities for viewers to get international, national, and local news. That displacement was compounded by the development of 24-hour cable news channels.

Today, further displacement of the functions of network and local television news is taking place and the functions of metropolitan daily newspapers are being significantly affected. This does not the end of news provision, however. Although many journalists in the legacy media desperately assert that only the forms of news in the organizations that employ them can serve social needs and provide quality journalism, the reality is far different.

Reputable and well-trained journalists are now establishing new journalistic forms on the Internet, linking web and print operations, and syndicated materials produced by web-based news providers. There are more journalistic startups now than anyone can ever recall.

Although web-based news has historically be aggregated materials from traditional sources, these new enterprises—some commercial and some non-commercial—are increasingly providing original journalism. Some are concentration on serious investigative national and international reporting; some are providing hyper-local coverage; and some are providing coverage of specialized topics. These serve some functions previously provided by legacy media and some functions legacy media ignored.

The technologies are also allowing engaged citizens to create and distribute news and information on their own, supplementing material produced by professional journalists or providing material in its absence.

These are healthy developments for journalism and for those who want news and information. Although the form of provision is changing, the functions of gathering and conveying news and information and the functions of keeping people informed and engaged are continuing and being improved.

Free Sales And Marketing Trade Publications

Here is a resource that few people take advantage of - Free Industry Trade Publications.

In addition to just being the old format paper magazines, the trade publication industry has expanded into white papers, digital downloads and podcasts that will help you keep up to date with all the happenings in your industry and also identify new markets and potentiall new clients for your products and services.

This post is targeting an area that should be near and dear to your heart - Sales and Marketing.

Just click on the title or the link title link in this paragraph and review the extensive list of Free Sales and Marketing magazines, white papers, downloads and podcasts to find the titles that best match your skills and interests; topics include Customer Relationship Management (CRM), call center management, advertising and public relations.

Simply complete the application form and submit it. Remember to fill out the forms COMPLETELY. All are absolutely free to professionals who qualify.

Import Export Business Failure-It's Not Your Fault...

The hell it isn't ...

"We are taught you must blame your father, your sisters,
your brothers, the school, the teachers - you can blame
anyone but never blame yourself. It's never your fault.
But it's always your fault, because if you wanted to
change, you're the one who has got to change. It's as
simple as that, isn't it?" -- Katherine Hepburn

Only you can change your life.

The above was sent to me by one of my long time business
associates and friend, Jim Straw.