Run An Import Export Business From Anywhere In The World While Living Rent Free

This post is a little aside from the usual Q & A's that we have been posting lately, yet it does address some questions that I have received in the past and may open your eyes to a world or possibilities you never knew existed.

Operating an Import Export Business encompasses "many" different levels of responsibility. You may start out, as we recommend, working as an export agent or broker by simply matching sellers with buyers and collecting a commission for doing so.

If you wish to expand into being an Export Management Company, where you are actually buying the goods from a manufacturer and reselling them to an importer/buyer, there is far more responsibility (and potential for profit) but it also limits one's ability to take advantage of a unique international lifestyle you are about to discover.

Today, with the computer, Internet and satellite or cell phone technology, you can operate an import export business working as an agent or broker from any location in the world. And, while taking advantage of that freedom, you may even be able to travel the world and live in locations or housing you only ever dreamed about.

What I am talking about here is tying your import export business with international property caretaking. International property caretaking offers you a variety of positions and attracts a diversity of people seeking unique experiences anywhere in the world.

John Powell, is one of these people who has created an interesting lifestyle for himself as a international property caretaker.

"Caretaking is a way of life" John explains. He began his international caretaking lifestyle housesitting for various people. It was not until later that he read an article about it in a magazine. This discovery helped him enter into a whole new way of living and learning.

John discovered caretaking is a great way of seeing the world and he has been a caretaker for properties throughout the world ranging from private homes to estates to resorts in Australia, New Zealand and Latin America, to his most recent, a retreat center in India.

Since 1983, John has been finding housesitting and caretaking positions through a little known publication named "THE CARETAKER GAZETTE", It used to only be available in printed format but Internet has allowed it to be published and delivered immediately by email and on their web site where you may log in from wherever you are (as John now does) and check the latest listings of what's available and "where".

THE CARETAKER GAZETTE provides its subscriber members with 1,000's of property caretaking and housesitting jobs each year.

Now you might be asking, why is he telling me this when I came here looking for information about the importing and exporting business?

If you need to ask that, then you need to got back to the beginning of the post - the why is because the Import Export Business can allow you to take advantage of the type of rent-free living that is available to you by simply caring for some ones property in desirable locations around the world.

Many positions only require a few hours of caretaking a week or a month and they are available on estates, ranches, mansions, resort homes, camps, farms, retreat centers, private islands, fishing and hunting lodges, vacation homes, and any other type of property you can imagine - all are listed in THE CARETAKER GAZETTE which often lists thousands of housesitting jobs each year in all 50 US States, Canada, Mexico and dozens of other countries.

I have been a subscriber for many years and had it not been for several personal family circumstances preventing me from taking advantage of these positions, I would have surely traveled to and taken advantage of the many housesitting jobs THE CARETAKER GAZETTE has notified me about.

I hope this post has enlightened you to new possibilities that you may never have thought of before in both international housesitting jobs as well as how you could operate your import export business from many of these locations while living rent-free. Go check them out for yourself at

Ron Coble
Coble International Marketing Services