Import Export Business Question And Answer


I know you don't need a certificate to start a business but
regarding the commission fees, is there a difference
regarding the income of an agent compared to a broker on the
same transaction(connecting seller to buyer) or is it just a
title difference? Are there certain income the broker can
make that the agent can't just because one has the license?
I'm seriously thinking of starting the business, but I just
need to do a bit of research according to your advice on
the blog.


In regards to the "title" - that is all the difference there
is - whatever you choose to call yourself. I have been
referred to in agreements as the International Sales
Coordinator, International Marketing Consultant, Export
Agent, International Business Broker - bottom line is, I
don't care what they call me as long as they have my name
or my business name spelled correctly on their checks.

You refer to the term "license" - the only licensed
individuals in import export are "Customs Brokers" and they
are not working as agents/brokers for the manufacturer and
earning a commission, they get paid to make sure all the i's
are dotted, t's are crossed on any documentation and
sometimes provide other shipping related assistance. Our
course will teach you who you need to work with to get
the deals done without trying to do it all yourself.