Import Export Business Q and A Continued


When was the last time it was updated? Most of the
testimonials are old ones so I want to make sure all
information within is up-to-date with any new regulations.


Thank you for advising us that someone actually reads the
testimonials, we were not really sure.

In answer to your question, please find the following

Our import export courses provide pointers to the places to
go to find out about regulations and such because there is
no way a course like ours can teach every regulation about
every product.

In the case of exporting, you will be provided with the
contact information for the new government office where you
can learn if your product needs licensing. For importers,
the courses reinforces your need to contact a specific
government office before making any purchase in order to
learn what restrictions, duties and quotas there might be on
a particular product.

Frankly, the course teaches you (especially relating to
exporting) that your primary job is to identify buyers and
suppliers. Everything else is secondary. And, if you have a
question about a specific process, the course provides
contact information for the organizations and/or people who
are up to date on the latest regulations, requirements, etc.
because that is "their" job.

Bottom line is this, our courses "do not" provide current
regulations/restrictions on importing jewelry or any
particular product but you are provided with a contact so
you can say: "I am planning to import silver jewelry from
Mexico (or other product). What do I need to know before I
go forward with this buy?"

In regards to the overall processes of importing and
exporting, the processes are the same today as they were
twenty years ago when I started. In regards to our courses,
the oldest section of either course is 3 years old but in
regards to the videos, some are quite a bit older but the
information presented on them are still as valid today as
they were when they were first filmed - the info in them is
solid, although no one is talking in any specific way about
regulations in any of them.

Kindest regards,

Ron Coble
Coble International - International Marketing Services