More Import Export Business Questions & Answers

Question: Where can I find products for resale on eBay?

Answer: It's pretty easy to find suppliers on the Internet. The trick is finding RELIABLE suppliers. One site I like is called - this is the online or Internet version of the BIG GREEN directories that most major libraries have in their reference sections. It is Free to use the online version at your PC or call your library and ask if they have a Thomas Register in their reference section and then go visit and see how massive it is and recall that this is all I was able to use when I started because there were so few resources on the Internet at that time (yes, I am that old)

Another resource you may consider is found at: - you may review their system at no cost but if you decide that there are suppliers you wish to contact, you will have to subscribe.

There are also many country-specific sites where you can identify suppliers of inexpensive products you can market on eBay and elsewhere. In addition to trade directories on our web site, we also offer a how-to product that includes an extensive listing of resources and contacts for anyone wanting to import.

Question: Is it hard to import products?

Answer: These days it seems the entire world is a market full of people and companies buying and selling products. And thanks to the Internet, it's easier than ever. Frankly, the belief that importing is difficult can cut down on your competition for these inexpensive products. It's true, there are a few more steps involved when importing but the returns can be pretty impressive. What you really need to do it right is a good how-to road map. There are many books that explain how to import and we offer a very comprehensive computer (CD Rom) based training package for entrepreneurs who want to be importers at our web site.

Question: What kind of imports seem to sell well on eBay?

Answer: Make sure you're not selling junk. For instance, you
can get some great bargains on inexpensive luggage from China and Southeast Asia but the simple fact is that name- brand products seem to sell better on eBay than generic anything.

It's also important -- and this is especially important in all aspects of international trade -- to do your research. Let's say you've found some adorable teddy bears you think would be very attractive on eBay. Okay. Do a search on teddy bears and see what you find.

You'll probably learn fairly quickly that there are an awful lot of items for sale that include the words "teddy bear" but have nothing to do with the bears themselves. Many of the most popular teddy bears are antiques or collectibles but there are niches across the board in terms of price and quality. This applies to everything from teddy bears to socket wrench kits. You've got to do the research to know for sure.

By the way, exporters -- that is, people who sell products from the U.S. to other countries -- can also take advantage of eBay. Exporters use eBay this way: They simply include a link to one of their eBay auctions at their website or in an email to their list of overseas buyers. Some exporters buy low-cost imports at eBay auctions and resell them in foreign markets. Just make sure of your market and its interest in your product before making a major buy. I offer a how-to package on exporting that is very popular and can show you some other ways to trade in exports.