Import Export International Trade Business News Updates

Import Export International Trade Business News Updates

Quick reminder - there are nearly 6 years of posts within this blog - many containing very helpful information - just scroll down and you will find the links to the archives listed on the right by their Month and Year originally posted.

This post consists solely of news and updates regarding various resources for your International Trade and Import Export Business.

First resource update - The FREE electronic trade magazines offered on our site has a NEW addition - One that used to be quite expensive if you purchased a paper copy - it is a Quarterly trade directory in electronic format of KOREA PRODUCTS.

Remember these are FULL COLOR PDF electronic trade magazines and you get DIRECT contact details of the manufacturers and suppliers.

You can sign up for just the Korean Products emagazine or any of the other product specific trade directories you will find on the following website - the Korea Products magazine is quarterly but the others are monthly and they will be automatically sent to you once you sign up AT NO COST - Please Note: The Emagazines are a FREE service and any specific one may be withdrawn at any time so if you are interested I would suggest you sign up now.

Korean Products


As you read the other posts within this blog you will learn how much emphasis is placed on using the Internet to help you promote your products internationally.

You are doing yourself and your business a GREAT disservice if you do not utilize the greatest marketing equalizer in human history.  So when I recommend something, I do not take it lightly.

The following Ebook was just updated on 11/3/2011 and is one you should download and save to your PC today.

Written by the owner of a business who has built a multi-million dollar empire and a business that is one of the FEW that eBay has certified as a solutions provider - it is FREE so put your wallet away but just because it is FREE does not mean it should be taken lightly.

Titled - Starting Your Internet Business Right - this valuable 78 page ebook will show you how to start your own Internet Business the right way, without falling into the traps that are out there waiting for you EVERYWHERE.

The Internet has become a Fantasyland of get-rich-quick schemes, scam artists and is laced with other pitfalls that are just waiting to take your money and leave you with nothing to show for it.

I am not going to repeat everything that is stated on the download page, go read the download page then download the ebook and save it to your PC - this is a GREAT resource and YES it is helpful to international traders -

FREE 78 Page Ebook - Start Your Internet Business Right


Last, but certainly not least, GlobalSources has extended the dates on their Hong Kong Sourcing Fairs - the new expire dates are listed below:

China Sourcing Fair: Hong Kong phase 1 - End Feb 10, 2012

· Electronics & Components

Security Products

Solar & Energy Saving Products

Korea Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components

China Sourcing Fair: Hong Kong phase 2 - End Feb 15, 2012

· Baby & Children's Products

Home Products

Gifts & Premiums

Medical & Health Products

Christmas & Seasonal Products

India Sourcing Fair: Home Products

China Sourcing Fair: Hong Kong phase 3 - End Feb 23, 2012

· Fashion Accessories

Underwear & Swimwear

Garments & Textiles

India Sourcing Fair: Garments & Accessories

That is it for this post. Hope you find value and if you are aware of other resources that may be of value our visitors, please feel free to use the contact link located on the right side of this blog.

Wishing you the best of health and success!

Ron Coble