International Trade Leads

The previous post revealed how the oldest and most reliable publishers of international trade leads are or have gone out of business, including the US government's trade leads services.

For those of you who read my newsletter of blogs, you know I don't beat around the bush as we say here in Central Pennsylvania and this post isn't going to be any different.

If you wish to waste your valuable life's time chasing your tail and getting NO WHERE like tens of thousands of other exporter wannabees, then keep going to the FREE trade lead boards.

Although these boards were all started with GOOD intent, the scammers and spammers soon took over. Little wonder why legitimate Importers NO LONGER post their requirements on these boards?

In 22 1/2 years in business, I have spoken with hundreds of REAL exporters and importers and IN "ALL" instances when I rememebered to ask, NOT ONE has found these boards to be profitbable.
Even a USA based car exporter who advertises on our site has told me privately that he pays the several hundred dollar fee to be a "background" checked member and at BEST in nearly 5 years of paying this fee, he has only generated enough business to pay for his annual dues. READ THIS LAST PARAGRAPH AGAIN, SEVERAL TIMES.

This car exporter further stated that he will not bother responding to any of the FREE members of this largest trade board on the Internet, they are mostly inexperienced wannabees, scammers and spammers.

One of the weirdest phenomena in my 22 1/2 years in the import/export business and nearly 12 years of doing so using Internet marketing is how many people are "bent on free."

There are people out there who would rather spend hundreds of hours accumulating information instead of spending a few dollars to get it and once they apply it can have a steady FLOW of POTENTIAL BUYERS/IMPORTERS coming to their website and ASKING, YES, ASKING for more details, prices, etc. about the products they are trying to export.

"What Is YOUR Time Worth?"

I have 368 web pages within our website. These pages are WORKING for me 24/7 365 days a year. ONE WEB PAGE has generated more revenue for three of the manufacturers we represent than ALL of the other pages.

Once that web page was set up, I have not changed it very much in nearly 7 years. It is a very SIMPLE web page, generic in nature (HOLD ON I am about to reveal a personally discovered secret). It is generic in nature but relavent to all three manufacturers who pay us a steady income, one monthly, two every two months.

Here is the main title of the page and the subject matter, go check it out and be sure to come back and read the rest of this post: Vitamin Manufacturers

One "TRADE LEAD" from this generic web page is now purchasing upwards of $12K product from the one company every 2 months, ADD that up on an annual basis and their orders are GROWING. But again, this is just ONE trade lead, there are many more that generate revenue for us from the other companies and this ONE SIMPLE web page generates trade leads on a consistent basis.

So let's get back to YOU and Your Exporting business.

Whether you are an Export Management company that purchases goods from a manufacturer, marks them up and sells them to a foreign buyer or you are an export broker/agent or simply an export finder, having your own website to promote the products you represent is really the BEST method of generating international trade leads and often domestic leads for the manufacturers you contract with.

Believe me, in today's econonomic environment, a manufacturer does not care if the lead is foreign or domestic, a new customer is new business that helps keep them and their employees paid.

AND, again quite frankly, I DO NOT CARE WHAT ANYONE ELSE WISHES TO CALL ME OR WHAT I DO OR HOW I DO IT as long as the manufacturers remember how to spell my business name correctly on the checks!


Now you can continue to PLAY THE FREE TRADE LEAD boards and waste your most precious depreciating asset in all of life - YOUR TIME or you can get busy getting your website established on the net and show your manufacturers some REAL trade leads.

Unless, of course, you wish to treat this part of your business like you do when using trade lead boards and try to do a site on a free hosting service and gather together ALL the FREE information you can find on the net about building a website and web pages and ultimately decide it is just too damn complicated and have lost that time forever.

Think how long it would take the average person to put all this information together, to figure out the best FREE tools to get, to get help when needed, and to stay up to date with what is happening (and to know what small part of what's new is important).

They end up working for pennies per hour. They could be pouring all that time and energy into building a business and making serious income per hour. Instead, they chase "free" info and tools for pennies per hour.

Even when they find free info and tools, the info is out of step-by-step order and that person would be missing so much software power because "free" just can't do 1/10th of what the complete website building tool that I have found in my 12 years of using Internet Marketing in conjunction with international trade. So again I ask...

"What Is YOUR Time Worth?"

And don't be fooled into thinking that the FREE web "BLOG" building program like WordPress delivers the same results as your own WEBSITE.

First, a "word" about WordPress...

WordPress is synonymous with blogging. It's a free platform for publishing news, articles, musings and other kinds of content. In other words...

WordPress builds BLOGS, not businesses.

If you start your business by...

o Registering a domain

o Finding and purchasing a Web hosting plan

o Sorting through thousands of templates and plugins

o Reading a variety of gurus blogging about blogging...

You're wasting your precious life's TIME on the things that count for little when building an electronic based business.

By the time you realize that you are missing the "everything else" to build a profitable, long-term online business like so many website owners have done with PROVEN RESULTS...


Summary? Many people drift into WordPress because everyone else does and because it's free. Not only is it not free (unless you value your time at pennies per hour), there is also the "opportunity cost" of the failed attempt.

Instead of having your own e-business earning increasing dollars per year, you have a lost year,
or more.

The value of that time and lost income is much more than straight dollars and cents. There's...

Time lost with family.

Time lost acquiring new skills.

Time lost to relax.

Time lost with friends.

Time lost to do the things that make you happy.

For only $29.99/month, you save THOUSANDS of hours of precious time.

If you doubt that, head to the site below to find REAL stories written by REAL people. Solid, verifiable PROOF of success! You just wont find proof like this... these are real-world "how I did it" material, everything from a-to-z ("Asphalt" to kaZakhstan"). These stories tell it all.

No short-term "flash in the pan" here. Review their ongoing (unsolicited) updates. Their businesses (and their lives) grow, both now and for the long-term.


You won't find proof like this for WordPress. It does not exist.