Finding Buyers For Your Products

It isn't often that I refer visitors from this blog to our Importers and Exporters blog because there is a permanent link to it in the navigation area to the right.

However, in this case I think a recent post there is worthy of a few minutes of your time.

One of the biggest problems facing manufacturers and exporters of products is finding REAL buyers for their products.

Most exporters or exporting manufacturers have been lulled into the false belief that the online trade lead boards are Nirvana/Utopia or whatever your version of perfection on Earth might be.

Unfortunately, in 12 years of working with exporters and exporting manufacturers, I have yet to have ONE tell me that these boards have produced anything other than a lot of wasted time.

I do not wish to repeat the entire post here but basically consider this - if you are a manufacturer and you are selling your products in your own country, in almost 100% of the sales you are "NOT" selling direct to consumers.

In most instances, you are "NOT" selling direct to retailers.

There is another level of the supply chain that you are selling to and that is discussed in our post at the Importers and Exporters blog. So doesn't it make "common sense" to approach the same level of supply chain distribution in another country as you do in your own country??

In 12 years of dealing with exporters and exporting manufacturers I have had "ONE" export car dealer who advised me that he broke even from the annual fees he paid to be listed as a "confirmed" or validated exporter. BROKE EVEN!

The online trade lead boards may have provided a better service when they first got started and the Internet was 10 years younger, however, MOST legitimate or established importers or import companies "ARE NOT" going to list their contact details on these boards any longer.

I discuss the reasons why in the blog post at:

How To Find Legitimate Buyers For Your Products