Another Import Export Business Question And Answer


Hello Ron,

Thanks for the speedy response. I was referring to both actually.
I am seriously considering ordering the "Export Master Package". I am more interested in brokering the deal between buyer and seller. However, my major concern was would I be able to do it from Japan ( I will be leaving in a month). Are there any special obstacle I should be concerned with, like telephone bills, foreign address(Japan), bank accounts? Thanks in advance.





I am of the belief that if you really want to do something in life, you will find a way of getting around the perceived obstacles.

There may be better answers out there than I have for your questions and I do not
know what your situation is, are you in the military, do you still have relatives here in the states.

Basically, for foreign phone you can get a vonage or skype account. In my bonus
materials I reveal a service that I use for my fax messages that only costs $24.95
a year after the first year of $34.95 (a 10 set up fee). Faxes come in, are translated to a PDF document and are emailed to me, I can view on screen, if needed, I can print out, if not, I can file or delete - no waste of paper or $450 a year phone line.

Foreign address - if you have a relative willing to handle your mail and forward

what is necessary (mail is used so little now) with the internet and email and fax.

Bank accounts, if you are a US citizen, I doubt you are giving up your citizenship??

Open of two bank accounts for your business before you leave, look for NO Fee
accounts - have one as your main business account with checking and the other
a small or no balance required checking account for receiving wire transfers.

Where there is a WILL there is a WAY.

I would suggest ordering the exporter master package asap as it will take 3-5 days
to ship to you - our publisher is shut down until Monday, 15 June, will begin shipping again on Tuesday 16 June - they only ship on Tuesdays and Fridays - if you wait until you are in Japan, there is an additional $25 fee for shipping.

Hope the above has answered your questions and dispelled some of the
perceived obstacles.

Irregardless of what you decide, I wish you the best.

Kindest regards,

Ron Coble
Coble International - International Marketing Services
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