International Small Business Resources

Many people who visit our blog or website often overlook a
very valuable web page titled
Small Business Resources.

I am bringing it to your attention in this post for two

1. There are MANY No Cost and Very Valuable resources for
all size businesses available on this page and you should
really check it out and bookmark it for later reference.

2. About one year ago a long time business friend and
online publisher asked that I compile all of my suggestions
and resources together to help you from getting ripped
off either online or offline.

I compiled and he helped me publish 3 PDF reports on this

These 3 new resources were recently posted to our
Business Resources
webpage. These 3 reports contain valuable
information to help you avoid getting ripped off whether in
an import export transaction or through your website.

The resources and experiences related in the 3 PDF reports
can be very valuable to learn, keep on hand and refer to if
you are not sure about doing business or accepting business
from anyone anywhere in the world.

The reports are FREE and that means you may download them
and keep them for future reference. Here are the titles:

International Ecommerce Do's and Don'ts
- Keeping Your International Ecommerce Wealth Safe From Fraudsters

International Product Shipping Methods And
Customs Forms
- a short companion report to International Ecommerce Do's and Don'ts

B2B or B2C? - covers some of the reasons whether B2B or

B2C may be better for your business

When you visit our
Small Business Resources web page,
scroll down the page to find these resources hi-lited in
Yellow to help you locate them.

If you have never been to this web page, I encourage you to
look around as there are many more resources that are N0
C0ST which may be of interest and prove valuable to your

I hope you will find value in these reports.

Your comments and feedback on the above reports is Welcome!

Ron Coble