Import Export Business Resources

This is a quick post on a Saturday night before I go watch a movie.

First, if you are searching for a product to export or sell domestically here
in the USA, you should look for a product line that has the backing and
support of the US Government and what better product than one that
is certified to meet their standards?

The US and the world are looking for products that support the GREEN
movement towards saving and supporting and not destroying the Earth.
If you are not familiar with environmentally friendly cleaning products
and how they are just as effective as other harmful chemical based
products, you should really take a look at the
green cleaning products
company that is advertising on our web site.

One you have viewed their ad (thru the link above) then go to their
main web site and if you have been looking for a line of products to
market in the USA or internationally, this might be it or if you live
in a country where you think these products would sell, contact the
company and see what kind of deal you can work out with them.
Do it now!

Next, if you have followed my posts here (and you really should
because I have really published a great deal of information FREE
that others would charge you for (see the ARCHIVES by date on
the right side of this blog) then you know that I STRONGLY
encourage you to use the INTERNET to promote your products,
whether you are working as an exporter or importer.

The INTERNET is the marketplace to the WORLD. Whether you
are promoting your own product or marketing another company's
products, the INTERNET is your VERY BEST resource.

The course that got me started about 10 years ago on the net was
only available in a cumbersome 2 ring binder of over 1000 printed
pages and cost nearly as much to ship it outside the USA as the
course itself cost.


Everything is now available on a password protected web site and
includes FAR MORE than they could have ever included in the
printed version AND due to the savings on paper and shipping,
the price has been lowered by $97.00.

This Internet Marketing course is AGES ahead of the one I
purchased 10 years ago and includes the very latest and greatest
information YOU NEED to market products or services via the

Literally, OVER $100 MILLION in international business
experience, strategies, and Internet marketing secrets have
gone into this new 2009 version which is availabe to YOU
WHEREVER you live in the world (it is best to have a broadband
connection due to the number of vides that are included).

The $100 MILLION is what the publisher has done in
International Business using the very same strategies they
reveal to you. Strategies you can use to market your export
or import products and/or services.

Here is the link to FAR MORE information than ever before
at nearly ONE HALF the price and available IMMEDIATELY!

Last, but certainly not least, if you do the SMART THING and
begin using INTERNET MARKETING to promote your export
or import products, you need an easy to use and inexpensive
web site building system with hosting, domain registration and
search engine optimization help built into it.

The best best WEB SITE BUILDING system that I can
recommend to you gives you all of the above and MORE and
right now, they have a special deal going on that you should
check out before it is closed. Literally, you get about 5 times
the value of what they ask from this web building system when
you look at the resources they provide all-in-one package to
help you build and get your web site ranked in the search
engines where someone will find it - go check them out now
while their special is still in effect:

That is it for this Saturday night - I could not contain myself
and keep the information until Monday, so go check out the
above resources and be sure to visit all our archived pages
for free valuable real-life experience lessons from the world
of import and export.

Ron Coble
Coble International Marketing Services