International Business Newsletter

How would you like to learn the answers to the following
questions (and more) from a full time importer/exporter who
earns on average over $100,000 a year and get the answers
to some of your most important questions, like:

Is exporting your full time occupation and if so, how long
have you been exporting?

What type of training did you take, if any?

Is your company considered an export management company in
that you actually take possession of the goods or are you
what would be called an Export Agent/Broker?

The article in Global Business, where we learned about you,
indicated how you put put parties together and earn a
commission on the transaction, like you just explained to
us. Do you have a standard commission or is each deal you
work on a new adventure?

Do you have a standard agreement that you use or do you let
that up to the buyer and/or seller?

Do you ever work as a sourcing agent or finder for
domestic USA companies?

Do you handle the actual paperwork involved with the
exporting transaction?

Is there any particular products that you try to work
with and those you prefer not working with?

Do you ever get paid by the buyer, rather than the seller?

Have you ever felt that you were ripped off by a seller
or a buyer that you were contracted with?

Is there a preferred method of payment that you choose
to receive?

What are the BEST trade lead boards in your opinion?

What would you say are the biggest hurdles for someone
thinking about entering the international trade?

What factors or parameters do you review when determining
if a deal is worth your involvement?

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