Internet Marketing And Import Export Business

If you are to achieve the highest levels of success in your own Import Export Business, you should learn the basics of Internet marketing.

Building small, market oriented web sites can give you and the products you manufacture, sell or represent a huge boost over your competition.

Sending expensive, full color brochures by mail and/or other surface carriers does not even come close to having your own web site for those products or services.

Think about it? Your web site can be your 24 hour marketplace a world of potential buyers for your products or services. Using successful, proven Internet marketing strategies to get your web site in front of those potential worldwide buyers is the fastest method for you to build and grow your import export business.

Your web site does not have to cost thousands of dollars as you may believe. There are literally thousands, if not tens of thousands, of web sites generating hundreds of thousands (many millions) of new sales for their import export business owners.

Your full color brochures can be placed on your web site and downloaded to a potential customers computer on the other side of the world within minutes (if not seconds) of you placing it on your web site. Imagine being able to provide everything you would normally send by mail or express carrier to an international sales prospect within seconds by giving them a simple web site address or sending them a clickable link in an email.

Suppose your import export business markets a variety of products (diversification is something you really should do). You can establish one web site and have multiple products and your sales information about them posted to that one site.

You can use your web site to qualify your potential buyers. There is a method that is only reveled to our clients that will do just that. Your web site can help you eliminate the wasted time of following up with every person who decides they want to receive more mail or a free sample product.

This method was provided to us by a company that does millions of dollars a year in international business and has saved them thousands of dollars each year in reduced follow up costs and from sending free samples to people who were only interested in getting free stuff and had no real business intentions.

There are many Internet marketing resources available - I know, I have purchased many of them - my wife calls me an internet marketing information junkie (we all have our weaknesses).

Since our first web site was published in 1997, I have found two resources that stand out in the crowd. One is an internet marketing course that will help you discover the hundreds of ways to use a web site to promote your products and/or services to potential buyers around the world.

The publisher of this course provides over 300 pages of valuable internet marketing resources that are available to you free at their web site.

The other resource is a full web site building program that will help you or one of your employees get your web site started and published and promoted to your targeted audience. This proven internet marketing web site building program has helped thousands of small business people around the world to build their own web sites.

Many of these new internet marketers have generated hundreds of thousands in new sales for their businesses from a easy to follow program. Even the 15 year old daughter of the owner of this site building built a successful web site that generates several thousands dollars a month for her - so if a 15 year old can produce a site with it that generates thousands in revenue, you should be able to do the same (or better).

If you would like more details of these two programs, contact me at our web site and I would be happy to refer you to them.

Ron Coble
Coble International Marketing Services
Import Export Business Help Center